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    Perhaps you’re not only looking for glasses that have a sporty feel to them but glasses that are actually designed to assist you when playing sports. We have plenty of options, each tailored to a specific sporting activity.

    • Prescription sport glasses Formby - Silver & Rose


      Many professional golfers prefer to wear sunglasses when out on the course. This is to help reduce glare for them and give them better clarity from teeing off to putting on the green. There is a wide variety of tints and filters suitable for golfing in all kinds of conditions. There is also the option for golfing sunglasses to have prescription lenses so you can have your vision corrected and have tins and filters to help with glare and clarity. We have a variety of golfing sunglasses available and our professionals could help you find the best golfing sunglasses for you.

    • Prescription sport glasses Formby - Silver & Rose


      If you are one of the millions of people that go skiing each year then you will know how important a good ski mask is. Here at Silver and Rose Opticians, we are able to obtain various Ski masks based on your visual needs on the slopes. There is a huge variety of tints filters and reflective coatings available too so call in and speak to one of our team to find out more.

    • Prescription sport glasses Formby - Silver & Rose


      Avid fishermen and sailors know all too well the importance of good sunglasses when out on water. Polarising sunglasses are best for this as they cut out glare from the surface of the water and give the ability to see through water much more clearly. We have a large range of Polarising sunglasses suitable for sailing and fishing available in practice and we are able to source prescription polarised lenses too. Come into practice and talk to one of our staff who will assist you in finding the sunglasses that are right for you.

    • Prescription sport glasses Formby - Silver & Rose


      Cycling is one of the most versatile sports in the UK whether it’s a sunny summers afternoon a rainy overcast winters day or a night time ride the conditions of cycling always change. For every condition, there are different filters available to help with clarity, glare reduction and wind protection. We are able to source a large range of cycling spectacles that are most suitable for your cycling needs. Speak with one of our colleagues to help find you your new pair of cycling glasses.

    • Prescription sport glasses Formby - Silver & Rose


      High impact sports need tough and sturdy spectacles. We offer a range of impact resistant spectacles that can be clear or tinted and offer the best protection for your eyes when playing these types of sports. These spectacles will be fitted with high impact resistant lenses to ensure they won’t crack under pressure. Call into our practice at any time and speak with one of our professionals to find the best solution for your sporting need.

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