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    If you are an existing patient of Silver & Rose you are entitled to a complimentary hearing assessment – absolutely no charge.

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    Our Audiologists would advise that all men of 60 years of age and over, and all women over 70 years have a full hearing assessment. Of course, anyone who is concerned about their hearing or having difficulties, should also arrange an assessment.

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      Types of hearing Instruments

      Completely in Canal – CIC

      The most discreet hearing aids available, the entire hearing aid sits inside your ear canal, making it all but invisible. They use custom-made moulds of the inside of your ear, making them extremely comfortable and secure. They are best suited to people with a mild to moderate hearing loss.

      In the Canal – ITC

      Slightly larger than a CIC hearing aid, they are only visible to others looking at you from the side and are matched to your skin tone to help them blend in. A custom-made mould is used so the ITCs are extremely comfortable and secure. They are best suited to people with a mild to moderate hearing loss.

      In the Ear – ITE

      These hearing aids sit in the shell of the ear rather than the canal. They come in colours that blend in with your natural skin tone, and use a custom-made mould giving greater comfort and security. They are best suited to people with a mild to moderate hearing loss.

      Receiver in the Canal – RIC

      One of the most popular styles, they are small, discreet and come in a range of designs and colours, including ones that can match your skin tone. The body of the hearing aid sits behind the ear, while the speaker sits in the ear canal, making for a smoother, sharper, more natural sound. They are suitable for all levels of hearing loss, from mild to severe

      These hearing aids go behind the ear but they are a significant improvement on the old NHS style BTE aid.

      There is no-longer a tube that goes from the hearing aid to the ear. This has been replaced with a thin electrical wire as the loud speaker (otherwise termed ‘Receiver’) is placed in the Patient’s ear canal.

      The result is a much improved sound quality and a better listening experience.

      Behind the ear – BTE

      The best known style of hearing aid, they sit behind the ear. The sound is transmitted down a tube that connects to a custom-made mould inside the ear.

      This design means it can provide a lot of power and handles moderate to severe hearing losses with ease, and is even suitable for people with a profound hearing loss.

      Types of hearing Instruments


      Rehabilitation is a vital part of the process, as adjusting to the new and different sounds you are hearing may take time. When you first fitted with your hearing aids you may need to gradually build up the amount of time you wear them.

      This is where our expert help and advice is essential.

      You will be invited back to see us after a two-week period of adaption, and then again at four weeks.

      We may want to fine tune or adapt the fit of your new aids if necessary

      This adaptation period is perfectly normal.

      Our objective is to obtain the best level of comfort and hearing that’s available to you.

      Many of our patients appreciate the benefits of modern technology hearing devices. Like many areas of technology, Audiology is no exception in its advancement in providing more natural sound and cutting out background noises. Take sound advice from Silver and Rose Opticians and Audiology.

      We are an independent practice that provides a full comprehensive non NHS Audiology service bringing you the latest and most advanced hearing technology available

      At Silver and Rose Opticians and Audiology, you will receive an aftercare service that ensures you get the best out of your hearing aids. All our hearing instruments are warrantied for 5 years, for your continuing peace of mind.

      Changes in your hearing don’t have to mean changes in your lifestyle!

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