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Comprehensive Eye Examinations

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    As Optometrists, we are trained to examine your eyes thoroughly and expertly. During your Eye Examination and Sight Test, we will, of course, check your vision to determine if a spectacle correction is needed, but just as importantly we are qualified to identify eye conditions and also many risks or signs of potential general health problems such as diabetes and hypertension.

    Early identification of such problems means that the condition can be treated swiftly and any permanent damage to your sight or eye health can be minimised.

    Here at Silver & Rose Opticians & Audiology, we will explain any findings, giving you reassurance and advice where appropriate. When necessary we will refer you for further medical investigation, to substantiate and conclude any findings during your Eye Examination and Sight Test.

    Your eye health and general well-being is paramount. You can be assured that the highest standards of patient care are coupled with our new up to date high tech consulting rooms.

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