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It can be tough for those with learning disabilities to undergo eye tests, not only for the individuals but also for their carers. As a result, we go above and beyond to make the experience even easier and more straight-forward. This includes the following:

– The option to visit the site to become familiar and comfortable with the environment and equipment involved before agreeing to an eye test.

– Details are provided on what the eye test involves and what to expect, both verbally and in written form, that the client can take away and read.

– The client will be asked to complete a questionnaire, which is simple and only takes a couple of minutes to provide basic details about him/herself and their requirements, thus ensuring that we understand them and can prepare in the best way for the test.


– From there, or based on additional prior knowledge, we can make appropriate modifications to the test process, allowing us to garner the most accurate results while tailoring to the client’s circumstances.

– After the test, we provide a feedback form for both the client and their carer with the results of the exam, which spells things out in black and white about what the test found, as well as allowing them to offer their thoughts on how they found it to influence the structure of future tests.

– If needed, we will advise on specialised fit spectacles that the client can pick up on the day.

– Additional time will always be allocated for clients with learning disabilities, and we will make any and all allowances based on what someone’s condition may necessitate for an eye examination.

These are the key points, but there are other ways that we tailor our eye tests to assist those with learning disabilities, and we will accommodate such clients wherever possible.


If you are in need of an eye test that would require adjustments based on a learning disability that you have, or if you know anybody who would benefit from a specialised eye exam of this nature, please get in touch with our reception staff to book an appointment. You can call01704 831117, or alternatively, you can email [email protected]


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